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SISXplorer allows you to Inspect and Extract all the files contained inside the 3rd Edition installation packages.

Using SISXplorer you can:
- Extract all the images from 3rd Edition Themes
- Deeply Inspect the content of each file using the Integrated Hexadecimal Viewer.
And Much More...

Just open a sis package to see all the contained files inside a TreeView, for each selected file will be shown detailed informations and (if available) SISXplorer will show you a preview.

Special greetings to P@sco for providing all the software Graphics.


- SIS Viewer / Extractor -

View and Extracts the files contained inside 3rd Edition SIS archives.

*New - TXT Viewer -

View Text Files

*New - E32 Viewer -

Shows detailed informations contained inside the executable file's header

*New - RSC Viewer (beta) -

Resource Viewer

*New - MIF Viewer (beta) -

View and extract SVG icons.

- Integrated MBM Manager

View and Extract images and icons from your favourites themes using the Integrated MBM Manager

- Integrated Hexadecimal Viewer

Inspect the content of each file using the Integrated Hexadecimal Viewer.

- Quick Open / Extract

Use the Drag & Drop to Open and Extract quickly and easily the files.

- Multiple Archives View

You'll be able to open simultaneously many archives at once, and extract all the contained files with just a single click.

- Informations Viewer

Gain detailed informations about the archive and about each contained file.

- Freeware

This software is totally free, donations are wellcome.


Screenshot Info SISX     Screenshot Info File

Screenshot HEX View     Screenshot MBM View


To work propely this software needs the .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher) 


Download SISXplorer

- Note -

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