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Frequently Asked Questions.

General Donations MultiSim Plugin


- When Guardian 3rd Edition will be available?

It will be available as soon as possibile, do not write me about.

- How can I uninstall Guardian?

There's an appropriate uninstall option inside the software itself: Settings->Uninstall

- I forgot Guardian's Password.

Firsrt of all, install the 2.0 version (or higher). This version will allow you to recover your lost password. Then follow these steps to recover it:

1) Change your sim with an unauthorized one (an sms will be sent to the configured recipient. eg Phone2)

2) Using the Phone2 (the recipient of the sms notification) send an sms to the Phone where guardian is installed.
The sms must contain only this uppercase text:
Please note that the //LOSTPASS sms, must be sent FROM the recipient number that was configured in the program.
And the new un-authorized sim, must be able to send an sms (which will contain the current password)

- I've lost my authorized sim, what can I do now?

Firsrt of all, install the 2.0 version (or higher).
You can disable the software using Config Plugin (this particular plugin is available also without a donation).
To disable Guardian, you just have to send an sms to your mobile with this text body:

- I tried to change the sim with a not authorized ones, but the "sim changed" sms has not been sent, why?

For successfull sending of the sms all these conditions must be true:
1) Guardian must be in "Enabled" state
2) The new sim, does not have to be present in the Authorized Sims List.
3) The new sim must be able to send sms (must have enought money, must be in a network coverage zone, ecc... )
If the conditions 1) and 2) will be both satisfied then the program will hide itself.
If the sms sending will fail for any reason than (ie. not enought money) Guardian will try a new sending each 2 minutes, for a maximum of 10 tries, finally the sms will be deleted. At the next phone turn on, the procedure will be repeated.

- I launched Guardian but it didn't asked for any password, is it normal?

When Guardian is in a "not enabled" status then the password will not be requested.

- What is the option Execute SMS Command -> On Sim Change / Always?

When setted on "Always", Guardian will execute sms commands also if the sim present is the authorized one.


- I made a donation for Guardian 2nd Edition, will I be able to use also Guardian 3rd Edition?

No, your donation, allows you to use Guardian 2nd Edition.
Guardian 3rd Edition will be a different product (and which development will require time).

Anyway, there's a prettly large group of users who have distinguish themselves, during these months, for their contribuition, and obviously I'll take care of them.
When the 3rd Edition will be available, you'll know if you're part of this group.

- How can I make a Donation?

You can make a donation if you own a Credit Card, a Bank Account, a PayPal Account, or a MoneyBookers Account, Following this link:


- What I have to do after making a donation? 

Once you made the donation, you'll receive an e-mail containg the Activation Code. Inserting the Activation Code inside the program, you'll activate Multisim and Plugins features.

- If I install again Guardian on my mobile, do I need to make a new donation?

No, the code that you'll obtain is associated to your mobile.

- If a new Guardian upgrade will be relased, will I need to make a new donation?

No, the code that you'll obtain will be valid for future updates.


- What is the MultiSim?

It allows to insert 10 sims into the authorized sims white list.

- How can I activate MultiSim support?

Just make a donation. Donate

- I've activated MultiSim support, how can I add new authorized sims?

Consult section: Configuration


- What are Plugins?

With the Plugins you can control you mobile sending sms commands to it.

- How can I activate the plugin support?

Just make a donation. Donate

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