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Guardian Commander


Developed by Pier Paolo Neri

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Guardian Commander is an application that allows to manage Guardian's plugins from a graphical user interface.

The version currently in development requires a MIDP 2.0 compatible phone, but a MIDP 1.0 compatible version (supporting older phones) should follows.
It's also required for the phone to support WMA extension, needed to automatically send SMS. A not exaustive supported phone list can be found here:
WMA 1.0
WMA 1.1

The application will be Multilanguage (initially only Italian and English, anyone's help in translating to other languages will be welcome!).

Being developed in J2ME, the graphical aspect is under the phone's control, not the application's one.
This assures a greater compatibility, but aspect will vary from model to model and on some phones graphics could appear decidedly less "attractive" then the one you can see here.
This said, having used only standard graphical functionalities should allow execution of the application on every compatible phone.


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Download Guardian Commander 1.00

This installation kit features the following languages: English, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian

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Download for MIDP1 Phones

Download for MIDP2 Phones


Every Phone Device which supports WMA1.0 or WMA1.1

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